Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Operation: School

Before we get into this post, I'll just tell you something. As an almost teenage girl, I have my special likes and dislikes. I like basketball, dislike barbeque sauce. I like video games, dislike math. I LOVE God, dislike anything that there's a charity preventing.

And what I REALLY love is a challenge.

That's how our MSG leader (Middle School Group) gets us to do things. Puts it in the form of a challenge. And, since none of us are turning THAT down, we accept.

Okay, now I can get into the post.

I'm homeschooled. For those of you who don't know what that is, exactly, that means that I don't attend public or private school. My mother teaches us our schoolwork. It's been this way since the first grade. (Now I am in...sixth? I can never keep track!) My sister and younger brothers like it that way. I liked it that way...until...

Around late November or so, I was feeling really depressed. January especially. I was just sad and lonely. I felt alone. We live in a small town, miles away from my friends. My mom and dad tried as hard as they could to help me see my friends more, but, really...I'm growing up. I don't want to be isolated. They understood that.

They considered a bunch of options, Christian schools, private schools, all this stuff. None of it was working. God shut the door on every school they looked at. I thought that I was stuck. I was failing in math (my least favorite subject) and feeling down ALL THE TIME.

But God sent the Holy Spirit to my mother (heh, while she was at Olive Garden) and she called a meeting.

Long story short, God has decided that I, Cassidy, should go to a public middle school.

I'm really excited about this. After all, I get to see my friends often, I get to tell people about Jesus, I get to change the world like I've always wanted. I've always asked God for an adventure. This is what he's given me and boy, I am siked!

But I'm also nervous. I mean, I've had five years of absense from public school. I'm gonna have to ask my other friends, but I think that I'm gonna just have to pray more. God will give me the streghnth I need.

I plan to change the world for God. I want to turn the school around. I'm going in there as a sheep among wolves. I want to come out a missionary to middle school. That tall, funny girl with cool sneakers and a God.


  1. I'm excited for what you'll accomplish there. In His strength and for His glory, of course.

  2. (this is mom, not coco luv, but i don't know how to change that)

    You'll do fine :) have never been failing in Math, you weirdo. I wouldn't say you excel beyond all human expectations, but you're doing fine. It just so happens you have a challenging teacher.

    Love ya, mom

  3. Boo hoo!!!! I know Gods telling you to do this, but can i still feel sad????? I will miss you.... i feel sad that your leaving me to go to Zachs school, do you like him more then your totaly awesome 5'th grade sister??? Well, anyway, next year you'll get Abby in your school! Cool blog! <3 <3 :) ;)

  4. I am so excited for you!!!! You are going to dominate middle school!!!! :D
    And I hate math too!!!

  5. I hate math as well, I love GOD as well, and I don't like barbeque sauce either.


    WE'RE TWINS!!!