Friday, 25 March 2011

Every day

Every day, something new happens.

Some days are great. Things go your way. Life is okay. You thank God for giving you such a nice day.

Some days are okay. Nothing really goes horribly wrong. Then again, it wasn't the best day ever. You thank God for giving you a good day.

But some days are lousy. One wrong thing after another, it seems. Everything crumbles. Nothing good happens. Trust me, we've all had days like this. I have. Everyone does.

So, why thank God for THAT? Why thank him if you failed your science quiz? Why thank him if your dog ran away? Why be thankful for days like that?

Because God MEANT those things to happen. God made those things happen. And God deserves to be praised in bad or good weather.

When Paul was in prison, was he saying, "oh, this totally stinks!" No. He was SINGING. He was praising God! In PRISON, he was thanking God.

And guess what? The shackles crumbled. He was released. And he was happy. He was thankful to God.

No matter what happens, you need to thank God. Every day.

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