Thursday, 10 March 2011

I believe in miracles

Even if you aren't a Christian, chances are you've heard of miracles. The parting of the red sea, water into wine, walking across've heard something like that somewhere. Those happened a long time ago, they're in the Bible.

But what it shows US is what Jesus can do. He rose from the dead. He healed sick people. He turned a couple loaves of bread and some fish into a feast.

Jesus isn't the only person who can perform miracles. What about Paul, and the other disciples?

Typically, miracles, to us, means those amazing things that happened in the Bible. But do they have to be IN THE BIBLE to be miracles?

My family adopted two little boys, my brothers Aidan and Casey. I would consider them coming to live with us a miracle. But look around, we're not in the Bible. We're in 2011.

My mom once was sick with an insane illness that nobody knew what it was, now she's fine. I think that qualifies. Still not in Bible times...

Even the little things. Once I threw up. I'm healed. My mom twisted her ankle once. She's healed. We've driven in snow storms before. God gave us travelling mercies. I've told people about Jesus. God gave me strength.

Just because we're not living with Jesus or Paul doesn't mean miracles don't exist. A drug addict coming to Jesus...that's a miracle. A dying man living on...that's a miracle. Foster kids finding homes...miracles, miracles, miracles.

Miracles are all around us. Some people have different words for it. Some people say, "They were lucky." Other people say, "The medicine worked." Well, maybe the medicine worked. But that medicine wouldn't even exist if God hadn't given scientists the minds to make it.

Maybe a miracle happened to you. Maybe something amazing that God gave you or showed you. They happen now, and they happened then.



  1. So true. Miracles happen all around us. We just fail to give God enough credit sometimes.

  2. When you almost suficated, you are alive! You were a pre-me, you are older then yuri. Miracals are every where! Great post :)

  3. This also rocks!

    Wow.... it seems like everyone's starting a christian blog these days.... I wonder if I should....