Tuesday, 26 April 2011


I hope everybody had a very nice Easter Sunday. We saw family, had some egg hunts, ate some candy, went to church, ect. Very nice day overall.

Easter is a good time to get caught up in...well, THINGS. It's kinda like Christmas, a holiday based on God and turned into a commercial cascade of stuff. The bunnies, chocolate, the spring-themed toys, new shoes and dresses and all the STUFF, it's all for that one day that's really got...nothing to do with Easter.

It's really easy to forget Easter's meaning, about Jesus dying on the cross for our sins. Then, three days later, he rose again. This shows that Jesus conquered death. Death couldn't hold him. It's an amazing miracle that the whole world should see that's hidden by meaningless bunnies and baby chicks, artificial chocolate shaped like eggs, and hard-boiled eggs dyed colors that somehow represent...dying on a cross?

Don't get caught up in commercialism. Whether it's Easter, Christmas, or whatever season, remember who you're celebrating: the God or the stuff?

Friday, 15 April 2011

Napkin Note

One day, Aidan came up to me and said, "look at my napkin!"

On it, he'd written, "JESUS LOVES YOU."

Wednesday, 13 April 2011


"Everybody wants to go to heaven, but nobody wants to die."-David Crowder

"Heaven is breaking open, we are not there yet."-Gungor

"All the earth begins to shake. Can you feel his spirit move you, calling all hearts to break."-Barlowgirl

Heaven is there. How sure are you that you'll be there?

Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Been a while...

I guess it's been a while, huh? Hi again. I've been very busy lately, but that's not really an excuse. You can't be too busy to do a three-second post, eh?

Speaking of which, this is also the topic. Sometimes, we're busy. School, chores, homework, babysitting, reports, phone calls, friends, lots of things can take up time. Some of which we'd really rather push off.

But this isn't a good habit to get into. Like when you say you'll do your homework later...then you forget and have to do it on the bus ride to school. And in all that rush, you completely forgot to pray, which you usually do on the bus ride.

Sometimes God becomes last priority. I've done this many times, of course. We all procrastinate sometimes. Some more then others. We need to take time for God...even five minutes is better then none. Pray, read your Bible or devotionals, if not both, and set some time aside.

You're never too busy for God.