Wednesday, 11 May 2011


There's that old quote Dare To Be Different. You've all heard it sometime, I'm pretty sure. But, uh...nobody goes by it.

GIRLS: Makeup. Perfume. Boys=Life. Cell phone. Hairspray. Soap operas. Ex-Barbie doll enforcer. Glitter. Horses. Short skirts. Tight clothing. Flowers. Pink. Diary. Gossip. High heels. Skinny jeans. Strapless dress. Headband. Purple. Chocolate. Justin Beiber.

BOYS: Trucks. Cars. Legos. TV. Video games. Girls=Key factor for life. Shovel. Wood. Rocks. Outdoors. Dirt. Hats. Meat. Beards. Hair that is way too long to be considered normal. Deep voices. Skateboards. Girl watching. Mtv. Computers.

So, as you read those, please tell me how many of those you ACTUALLY like.

Chances are, you like at least ten of those things in your catagory. Let's see, I like,
Skinny jeans and chocolate.

Okay. I am not the best example of a steryotyped girl. Let's use a different example.

Mary (who is not a real person) likes horses, flowers, pink, skinny jeans, Justin Beiber, boys, headbands, purple, diaries, and gossip.

But say Mary PRETENDS to like makeup, cell phones, and tight clothes because those are the trends in her school. And she actually likes gardening and writing in her spare time, but those DEFINITELY not cool. So she says she doesn't like them.

Well, obviously, you're all saying, Well, that's cliche and dumb, she should do what she wants.

But we're all guilty. We all give up things or pretend to like things to look good for others. I remember pretending that I didn't like Miley Cyrus when I was younger, maybe nine or so, to look good for some older kids. (When I was nine, I was actually a very big Miley Cyrus fan.)

This is actually a form of lying. So do what you want to do! Dare to be different. :)


  1. I like most of those things, i rule out Justin Bieber, Barbie, horses, boys, and soap operas. You could say i'm almost the ideal girl... Except i look fat in tight clothing so i don't wear it!

  2. great post! this is SO true, many people will pretend to be someone they aren't to fit in with society. i love your blog, and can't wait to hear more!

  3. Dude, your blog is super awesome! Where are you? You should keep blogging!